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Pink Backpacks

The Pink Packs Are Here

Love bags? Love pink? All this loving about pink may sound crazy but some people can’t seem to get enough of pink bags. From plaids to stencils to polkadots to plain janes, bags are staple accessories that no person, especially women, can’t live without. Combining fashion and functionality may not go hand in hand all the time but there are perfect pink creations out there just waiting for you!

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Hello Kitty Pink Backpack

Here comes another Hello Kitty backpack! Little girls, especially, can’t get enough of this cute kitty. This large backpack is tailored for school so I bet school girls would love to have this backpack in no time.

What’s interesting about Hello Kitty is that it’s been around for ages and still, the brand soars. Call it classic or whatever, young girls and adult alike would agree that it can be difficult to wean themselves from Hello Kitty.

Craving for more Hello Kitty craze? Get this pink Hello Kitty backpack. Now!

List Price: $39.99 USD
New From: $20.00 In Stock

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Damask Hot Pink Backpack

Damask stencil on a bag? You got it right! This lovely stencil design with pink trimmings is definitely an eye candy. The intricate and rigid stencils are made to look delicate by adding hot pink color on the zipper and the shoulder pads.

Don’t get carried away with the avant-garde design yet because if we talk about usage, this one wouldn’t disappoint. It’s roomy and has plenty of pockets to let you pack all your stuff.

Crazy designs are pretty interesting and this damask hot pink backpack is certainly one of them.



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Pink And White Star Flowers Laptop Backpack

Looking for a pink floral bag that can double as a laptop sleeve? There are a multitude available out there but this itsy bitsy looking pink backpack can, believe it or not, fit in a 13 inch MacBook plus a whole lot of stuff including notebooks and magazines. Isn’t this a great deal or what?

The baby pink floral design tops the cuteness scale and as for the functionality department, it won’t disappoint you. The wide open compartment and the built-in velcro strap makes sure that your laptop stays in place. Why carry two packs when you can put everything in one backpack?

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Backpack In Hot Pink Polkadots

Let’s have some polka dot fun with this polka dot backpack in hot pink! If you loathe stripes and worship dots, then this bag should be yours in no time.

This pack is geared for the weekends. Because we all know that a sturdy bag to carry all your extras for an out of town trip is non negotiable. Multiple compartments and thick pads are top priority. And while you delve on those quality stuff, don’t totally forget about the fashion factor. So, pink fans out there, check out this polka dot pink pack!

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Pink Plaid Bodysling Backpack

Asking the fashionista in you, do you think sling packs are better than old school backpacks? Of course, it depends on the shape and all that shebang, right?

This sling slash backpack has a unique design that contours to your body’s shape. Ok, hold it. Aren’t all packs the same? Na-ah for this pack, lady. You see, the shape isn’t your regular squarish backpack. But don’t fret about the irregular shape, either. You can still squeeze in all your important stuff including books, vanity kit, etc. It even has a mesh pocket for your water bottle!

And not to mention, the pink plaid pattern is just plain gorgeous – not too girly and not too frumpy.

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Pink Mandarina Duck Backpack

Ooh what a lovely fuchsia backpack, don’t you think so? The dainty mesh-like pattern is so cute.  And looking at the bag, it’s not your usual design. There’s an additional handle aside from the regular shoulder pads. This means you can clasp it with your hand or carry it on your back whichever way you like it.

Plus, if you look inside, there goes a small built-in wallet for your accessories and trinkets. While it may look a tad small at first glance, those little pockets make up for it. Really! Now, if you’re on the lookout for some double purpose fuchsia backpack, grab this Mandarina Duck fast!

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LeSportsac Pink Backpack

LeSportsac is dubbed as the all American nylon bag. And this printed backpack in pink is just too good to pass. Its gorgeous and fresh design never fails to impress especially in the area of usability. Multi-pocket design allows you to pack in all you need for sleepovers, short trips and gym stuff. And since it’s cotton candy pink, you would certainly feel girly lounging this around.

If you are a pink bag fanatic, this backpack tips the fashion scale. Go flashy in printed pink with this backpack from LeSportsac!


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Trail Maker Pink Spring Flowers Backpack

Spring is here! And it’s flowers galore!

Forget about the biting cold of winter and think about the greens, the florals and the bright colors. This floral pink backpack summons the beauty of nature. Isn’t it lovely to parade this backpack and be the center of admiration?

As for its functionality, expect utmost practicality. Why lounge around with a humongous backpack when you can carry one that fits all your stuff? It has multiple pockets to get you organized with your belongings. The adjustable straps allows you to feel comfortable while carrying it on your back.

So what are you waiting for? Embrace spring and go flower power with this floral pink backpack!


List Price: $12.99 USD
New From: $12.99 In Stock

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Zebra Stripe Pink Backpack

If you love wild animal prints, this bag is yearning to be with you! This zebra-striped inspired backpack is fully loaded with everything with what you desire in a backpack. First, if style is a priority, this backpack is IT. The black and white zebra stripes meld perfectly with the hot pink trimmings on the shoulder straps and mesh side pocket. Second, its usability is great for students and even campers alike. You can pack all your necessities in this backpack with its size and different compartments. And lastly, it’s super trendy! Why settle with a so-so looking backpack? Wild designs rule!

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Jansport Reversible Backpack

This utilitarian backpack in pink is ready for the long haul! Jansport is known for functionality and this bag certainly delivers. You can pack in all your school stuff and still look fashionable wearing this. You can also bid buh-bye to duffel bags on short trips because this bag is a lot more organized and compact!

And not to mention, this backpack is reversible. This means you get to enjoy two colors in one fancy bag. Show the hot pink for that sassy look and go for the toned down pink if you don’t feel like donning the bright color.

Admit it, backpacks do come in handy nowadays. And why pink? Well, pink is cute, fun and girly!

Release date May 1, 2011.
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High Sierra Stretch Backpack

High Sierra Stretch Pink BackpackThis cute stretchy pink backpack from High Sierra is able to serve all uses.  Stuff it full of school supplies and a lunch on the weekdays, and use it to pack a change of clothes and a toothbrush for a pajama party or a visit to grandma’s house.

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