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Pretty In Pink Pajamas

Little girls love to play dress up including bedtime! Isn’t it cute to don a pair of pretty jammies every night? Say, tonight my little girl would be a Disney princess and tomorrow she’ll be an equestrienne riding a pony or perhaps, a goofy character at Sesame Street. There are a multitude of designs out there to suit you and of course, your little girl’s fashion sense. You got it right! Little girls are little fashionistas, too! You both can have fun every night by wearing different costumes aka the ubiquitous pj’s! Go creative and out of this world with the different pajamas of your choice.   

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Dora The Explorer Hot Chocolate & Snow Pajamas

Every little girl knows Dora the Explorer. She took us to places around the world and she made exploring sound so exciting! If your little girl is a fan of Dora, she’ll like this jammies for sure. The prints feature Dora enjoying a cup of hot chocolate with lots of snowflakes on the background.

The pink/turquoise combination hugs the body in perfect comfort. And it’s made of cotton! Thus, comfort need not be a worry.

Get one of these cute Dora the explorer in pink for your little girl. It’ll be awesome!

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Pink Barbie Pajamas

Barbie fans out there, you’ll love this pink pj’s! Little girls would love to be in this pair of jammies. There’s beautiful barbie in her effortless melting smile and wind-blown hair. Notice the sheer sleeves? Just gorgeous.

Your girls would enjoy wearing these pj’s especially when they’re playing with their barbie dolls! Kids usually spend some time grooming their favorite dolls at night before they tuck them in. So why not wear barbie sleepwear at the same time! It’ll be fun to sleep these barbie pj’s and wake up in them, too!


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Pink Pony Nightgown Pajamas

This lovely pink nightgown pj’s has got trotting ponies in print. Kids would certainly love to wear them to sleep. It’s actually perfect for young girls who do lots of playtime before they turn in.

You can even tell each other pony stories. Be as imaginative as you can get and have fun!

The round neckline and the ribbed sleeves, by the way, fit just right to allow your little girl mobility to move around. She can twist and turn for all she wants and ’jammies still stay in place.

Get your little girl this cool pink pony pj’s and have a blast each night!


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Pink Wearable Sleepsack Blanket Micro Fleece

Aren’t pj’s not roomy enough for your kid? Well, this wearable sleepsack will do the trick! It’s got plenty of room, I mean, lots of space for your kid to move around. And it’s fleece! You can bundle up your little girl with this cozy warmth in this sleepsack.

This sleepsack jammies are sleeveless so you can play tickle with your little girl just before you tuck her in. There’s also foot openings so she can freely move when she’s awake. It may look a tad bulky but kids usually feel comfortable wearing these. The zipper at the front make it easier for her to get out of the sleepsack whenever she wants to. Isn’t that cool?


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Sesame Street Elmo Girl Pink Pajamas

Elmo is such goodie goodie character in Sesame Street. If your kid is a fan of Elmo, then she’ll love this ‘jammies. It’s got happy Elmo prints all over.

Every kid would love to sleep in a fun mood. So prep up that bedtime story with your daughter and dress her up in these Elmo ‘jamas. Or how about crafting a story out of the various Elmo poses in the pajamas? Sounds fun, right?

And comfort? This Elmo girl pink pajamas are made of 100% cotton. No need to worry about itchy fabric that would a spoil a good night’s sleep.


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Pink Hello Kitty Pajama Set

It’s Hello Kitty! This famous cat has been around since our mom’s generation and yet, never fails to capture the hearts of kids. This pink Hello Kitty pajama set is so gorgeous that little girls would beg their moms to have one of these.

The loose fitting top is just right over the garterized ‘jamas. That’s comfort and Hello Kitty fashion for your girl. The hem has a ribbed trimmings to ensure that the jammies stay close and fit to your girl’s small frame.

If you have a collection of Hello Kitty in your kid’s wardrobe, then how about including this one, as well!

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Pears And Carrots Pink Cat Footed Pajamas

Baby girl will surely look adorable in this cute footie ‘jammies. The kitties and pink hearts print will make mommy’s heart melt with love.

The ribbed collar and sleeves plus the footie will your baby girl comfy and ensures that the overalls is kept in place. The zip is located at the front which makes it easy to zip up your little girl just in case she needs changing.

Dressing up your babies in overalls is perfect when the weather’s a bit chilly. You may want to put on another coat to your little one when you go outside and she’s ready to go!

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Pink Disney Princess Footed Pajamas

Ooh Disney princesses! There’s Princess Aurora and Princess Belle! My oh my, little girls will surely love wearing these Disney pajamas. They’re footed overalls with non-skid feet so no matter how crazy kids get playing around before bedtime, this pair of pajamas will stay in place.

Thinking of a slumber party with the girls where every girl is a princess? Let them dress up in their favorite princess-y ‘jammies for that magical atmosphere.

Get one for your little girl and make her feel like a princess even at bedtime!


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Hot Pink Penguin Fleece Footed Pajamas

Bundle up your little girl in this hot pink penguin fleece pajamas! This penguin print overall is oh so comfortable that you can’t resist hugging your little one over and over.

And because this is an overall ‘jammies, the sleepwear stays put. Little ones can get rowdy sometimes especially before they turn in at night and their pajamas tend to go haywire. This’ll keep their sleepwear in place.

Add fun to your evenings with this penguin fleece for your little girl. Kids would surely love this overalls!

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Baby Girl Cookie Julius Pink Pajamas

Doesn’t this baby Small Paul’s look adorable? Let your baby sleep in these fun jammies in pink! It’s 100% cotton so your baby will certainly have a good night’s sleep.

It also comes with a matching shirt featuring Small Paul eating his favorite chocolate chip cookie. How about having a chocolate chip cookie slumber party wearing these jammies! Invite all your little girl’s friends and have a blast monkeying around!

Grab these exciting pajamas set for your little girl and enjoy a chocolate chip cookie night in pajamas before you bid each other good night!




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